With GHE Films, we pride in a worldclass experience that uniquely delivers your imaginations in motion pictures.

C2S Filmmaking


Concept 2 Solution (C2S) is designed to relief you of about all the burden of filmmaking; we take the burden from concept to solution. Our crew, from pre-production to post-production, pool all required resources together in your interest, we manage the resources for you, and deliver your desired picture in its final state as an end product. C2S is all about making life easy while you achieve your desired result.



Our dedicated professionals challenge the logics of motion pictures to tell stories of events, campaigns, and scripted/unscripted real-life situations. With Docu-Pro, we take charge of event productions, campaigns, unscripted real life events, and scripted documentaries. We leverage the skills and expertise of the varying professionals on our team to meet your desires and make life more interesting to live.



Music Video Solution (MVS) makes a difference in dramatic videos for all kinds of music genre. For MVS, our team work from concept to solution. We put pictures to music and add wings for it to fly.



Production Equipment Solution (PES), we offer you an absolute relief from the troubles of searching for the appropriate equipment for your production. Adding to our store-full of hi-tech equipment, we have built partnership with equipment-based companies around the world. We only take a list of the equipment you require, we source for them, guarantee their quality, and deliver for your use. We also provide personnel support that gives you confidence through the period of your production. We only want to do everything to make life easy for you.